Computer Interfacing and Automation

Brett Jacobs, Dylan Sharkey, Charles Gayagoy, Skylar Rudolph, & Matt Neuteboom

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    Another year of unique projects.  Brett Jacobs decided to tackle a plotter that prints on various sized pieces of paper held down by magnets on a steel work surface.  He affectionately calls it the "John Hancock."
    Dylan Sharkey designed a computerized embroidering machine which will sew letters and/or designs onto a piece of fabric clamped onto the work surface.
    Charles Gayagoy created a fully automated "LEGO® builder," which grabs LEGO® bricks from the "feeders," and places them in a pre-determined position designed to build a house.

    Skylar Rudolph built an automated "LockRacker" which will automatically dial any combination entered into the computer.  Future expansion includes a "search" function which would dial every possible combination until the correct one is found.
    Matt Neuteboom constructed a robotic Monopoly®
Automated Teller Machine which automatically accepts a players money, places it in the correct piles & calculates and distributes change.
    You can help support this wonderful experience:  We're always looking for old, "dead" dot-matrix printers, discarded disk drives, CPU's and CamCorders-- they're a valuable source of motors, gears, belts, pulleys, tracks, etc.  If you have some old equipment that you don't need any more and would be interested in donating it for use in the course, kindly contact Jack Bozzuffi at 856-264-5644.

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