Charles Gayagoy's "LEGO® Builder"
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The "LEGO® Builder"

Name:       The Computer Operated Automatic LEGO® Builder (or C.O.A.L.B.)
Designer:  Charles Gayagoy
Specs:       The C.O.A.L.B.'s main purpose is in it's name:  it builds LEGO® structures so you don't have to!

Using a prewritten program (sold separately), the
C.O.A.L.B. can assemble an array of models perfectly.  It features a gravity-fed LEGO® block loader that supports the basic bricks found in most models.  Once you feed the LEGO® blocks to their specific bins, all that is left is to watch as the C.O.A.L.B. goes to work.  Your project is done in no time, without all thos hassles of reading instruction manuals or snapping the bricks together by hand.  LEGO® building was never as easy as this!  Order yours today!