Matt Neuteboom's "Monopoly® Automated Teller Machine"
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The "Monopoly® Automated Teller Machine"

    No one likes to be the banker in "Monopoly®."  It's a proven fact.  There's always that one person that gets stuck having to do all of the bookkeeping for the entire game, and that's never any fun.  So what if you could remove the slow process of banking completely?  Now the Monopoly® ATM can do the banking for you.  By hooking up the robot through a USB port and using the program that comes with it, withdrawing money from the bak trays is simply a few key strokes away.  Then sit back and let the ATM do the work for you.
The ATM usilizes a gantry set up to dispense money from trays lined up on the base board.  The gantry is mounted on two sliders which allow it to move forward and backward on the y-axis of the project.  A stepper motor and belt on the base board moves the gantry.  Mounted on this gantry is another stepper motor and belt salvaged from an Epson® L-570+ printer, which moves left to right on the x-axis.  This is used position a tube that moves up and down in the z-axis, which acts as a suction cup to lift money off of the tray.  A hose is hooked up fromt he tube to a vacuum, and the vacuum is activated through a relay connected remotely to the computer.