Skylar Rudolph's "LockRacker"
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The "LockRacker"

The LockRacker is a personal Master Lock® opener.  My inspiration came from past experiences of forgetting all of my locker combinations and having to buy new locks.  Another inspirations is the fact that sometimes the lock will not open the first or perhaps second time you try it due to personal error.  In this event, the LockRacker can open it without any source of error.  Now, I know there is a potential for people who will try to use this to open other peoples' locks, but I have forewarned you that in order to open any locks with the LockRacker, it needs to be free of any latch.  I do not condone stealing other peoples' property.
The LockwRacker works by utilizing four stepper motors obtained from obsolete printers and from Bozz.  These four stepper motors control four different axes of the project.  The y-axis is responsible for transporting the "gantry" forward from "home" position to the plane that the locks are in.  The y-axis is used to choose which lock to "pick" using a side-to-side" motion.  The z-axis moves the robot's end effector downward to "interface" with the physical lock, and the ∂-axis rotates the end effector to turn the lock to the desired positions.  The challenging part was to find something with enough force to open the lock after the combination is dialed.  I utilized massive 24 volt solenoids capable of pulling up to 60lbs of force to achieve this motion as soon as the machine is finished dialing the combination.