Brett Jacobs' "John Hancock" plotter
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The "John Hancock"

How would you like it if you never had to write another word again?  I think it'd be pretty cool.  Well, you can accomplish this feat with the amazing "John Hancock"-- the robot that writes whatever you tell it to.  Just insert the Mini-Sharpie® pen of your choice and wathc "John" write it in the blink of an eye.
"John Hancock" operates using three separate stepper motors.  The first moves the entire gantry forward and back.  The second moves the Mini-Sharpie® left or right, and the third motor moves the pen up and down to not write between letters.
The robot has a writing surface that can hold a multitude of materials.  As long as it can fit under the Mini-Sharpie® and the pen can write on it, there will be no problem letting it take care of the job.  The materials, mainly paper, will be held down by magnets.  The steel plate on the base has perpendicular lines scribed into it so the materials can be quickly aligned before being writen upon.