Computer Interfacing and Automation

Bryan Callow, Javier Sanzhez, Colin Murray, Ryan Fillman, Matt Williamson, Josh Lohrman, and Andrew Knee

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    Once again, this year's group of "pre-engineers" came up with unique projects that met the design specifications. Brian Callow, for example, had built an Automatic CD Burner which would burn a specified number of CD's automatically without any user-interaction. 
    Andrew Knee designed a computerized robotic chess machine which automatically moved chess pieces around the board.  Javier Sanchez created The Cubeful Automatic Storage System, which files and stores items in a smart storage bin system, while Colin Murray created an Automated Checkers robot that would move checker pieces and play chess with the operator.
    Matt Williamson, built a Room Organizer-- designed to automatically clean his room for him!
     Ryan Fillman  took "best of show" this year with his Marker Board+ robot, which wrote and drew with dry erase markers, and would even erase the work afterwards.
    If you were to ask any of this elective class's participants, they'd very readily tell you how challenging the course is, but quickly add words like "fun" and "rewarding" to the description.
    You can help support this wonderful experience:  We're always looking for old, "dead" dot-matrix printers, discarded disk drives, CPU's and CamCorders-- they're a valuable source of motors, gears, belts, pulleys, tracks, etc.  If you have some old equipment that you don't need any more and would be interested in donating it for use in the course, kindly contact Jack Bozzuffi at 856-264-5644.

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