Matt Williamson's "Room Cleaner"
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The Room Cleaner

This project is called “The Room Cleaner.”  The idea for the project was developed last summer when I was told to clean my room.

What it does is puts the trash into the designated trash deposit area.  Before all of that happens, the user is asked to enter the grid coordinates of where the trash they want to remove is in.  After that, the room cleaner moves to the trash location.  It then picks up the trash and moves it over to the trash deposit area.  Last, it puts the trash down and moves back to the starting point and waits for the user to enter anther trash spot.
The room cleaner project works by using three otor belt and pulley assemblies to move the trash through the x, y, and z-axes.  The end effector is able to pick up the trash by using a fork-like hook that relies on gravity to hook the trash.  Stepper motors were used instead of conventional two-wire DC motors because of one major differnce:  Conventional DC motors are not very accurate because they will not stop instantly, while stepper motors will only turn a certain amount and then stop on a dime.