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The Incredible Candy Picker

The purpose of this product is relatively simple.  It starts in one spot with the gripping mechanism in the air, then reaches down in another spot picking up an object and then returns to the initial location.  In order to fulfill its purpose, the product needs three axes.  A horizontal (x) axis, used to move horizontally, a vertical axis (y), used to move back to front, and a up/down axis (z) used  to pick up and drop the objects.  Each of these axes are activated by a motor and belt system that moves the corresponding axis in the designed direction.  In order to reduce friction, the x and z axes run on a pair of drawer slides.  The actual gripping mechanism (the dinosaur head) opens and closed using a simple thread and a magnetic solenoid.  when the magnet is activated, the metal moves up, moving the thread with it and shuts the mouth.  Then when the magnet is inactiveated, the metal piece drops, and the mouth opens.  Due to the design of the gripping mechanism, the best suited objects to be picked up are small wrapped candy.  Thus, the name: The Incredible Candy Picker.

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