Mike Russel's "Name Tag O Matic"
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Name Tag-O-Matic

The Name Tag-O-Matic writes nametags when the user inputs his/her name into the computer.  It writes 8 at a time before requiring a “refill” of paper.  It has a limit of 7 characters per name.  It writes all 26 uppercase letters of the alphabet.  After writing the eight nametags, it homes to its original position.  It can repeat this process as many times as is needed for the event.

This project uses several different mechanisms to move and process the information sent by the computer.  The computer, through use of a USB port and a Serial-to-Parallel converter, sends the data.   This data is sent in the form of binary pulses to the breadboard.  The breadboard then takes each individual pulse and sends it to peripheral drivers.  These P.D.’s, if sent the correct pulses, will activate the motors and/or solenoid that are supposed to move during that operation.  The motors are 6 wire motors.  These motors spin very accurately.  There are 2 of these motors on the project, one to move the gantry and one that moves the horizontal mechanism, or the end effector.  The end effector is attached to the horizontal mechanism and uses a solenoid to activate a pen.  The pen moves through guided holes so that it remains straight and accurate.  The whole project uses PASCAL to perform these operations.