Rob Nagele's "Foil Art"
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Final Project:  Foil Art

 By using a coordinate system setup, the project will be able to produce a design into the foil sheet.  The design will made by using a solenoid to punch an series of indents into the foil sheet thus, producing an image outlined from the dots.  Because of the motion of the two printer motors, this project is capable of handling any two dimensional object.  The programming expectations include a couple pre-defined patterns and an option for a free-style use.

 Every material used within my final project has some special significance or benefit to the rest of the project.  For example, my use of printer motors allowed my final project to be quick but accurate.  The spring loaded solenoid produces a perfect linear motion to punch into the foil sheet while making it easier to program.  Adjustability is another main factor present in my project.  The more adjustable something is the more room for error you have in it.  The height of my solenoid and the tension in the y-axis printer belt are both adjustable.  In addition, during the building of my project I had to face the matter of minimizing friction.  By lowering the amount of friction, the smoother my movements got and the cleaner the appearance became.

 During the production of my final project, I always tried to stay true to one very important principle which is to keep your work simple.  During the assembly, my work was right to the point while touching upon every detail illuminated the end result.