Pxx Mxxxxx's "LegoHouse Constructor"
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Automated LegoHouse Constructor

How It Works:

    A series of three stepper motors and a solenoid operate this machine.  The first stepper motor is placed along the sliding tracks and the belt attached to it drives the track forward and back .  The next motor is attached to a stationary print mechanism that is fastened to the gantry, creating the left/right motion.  The third stepper motor is mounted to the second print mechanism to provide up/down motion.  The solenoid is used in the gripper of the mechanism and is used to remove the Legos from the gripper's friction hold.
    The user must input the desired height and width of the house to be built, and the machine does the rest.  Legos are picked up from feeders located in the back of the work area.  When the gripper picks up a Lego, the feeder replaces it with another one.