Kevin Montgomery's Abacus calculator
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Abacus Calculator

In ancient times, the main tool for calculation was the abacus.  My robot uses the abacus to make calculations.  Users not only figure out the answer to these calculations,
but they also learn how it is done on the abacus.

A stepper motor moves the gantry with the printer mechanism forward and backward, while another stepper motor on the print mech moves the solenoid left and right.  The solenoid has a hook that will allow it to slide the beads on the abacus.
The program is designed so that the user will tell the robot what to do every step of the way.  First, the user will enter the first number and the robot will apply it to the abacus.  Next, the user will enter an operation to perform and the next number.  The robot will then demonstrate how to do the operation on the abacus.  Finally, the result will be on the abacus and printed on the screen.  After the result is displayed, the robot wil reinitialize the abacus and the user will be asked if they would like to perform more calculations.