Drew Matyas'  "Automated Label Maker"
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How it works:
    The user enters any combination of letter(s) or digit(s) desired to be printed.  The stepper motor controlling the motion of the letter wheel will then rotate clockwise to the chosen letter.  The solenoid will then operate by pushing a lever which punches the wheel.  This will leave an indent of the chosen letter on a strip of plastic.  After each punched letter, the second stepper motor will slightly advance the tape, making room for the next letter.

What I learned:
   Before taking this course, I had never used any tools.  I now know how to use each tool safely, and I understand how the tools are used and work.  I have also learned how to create programs on the computer that can operate all types of devices that are used in everyday life.  The difficult and sometimes impossible challenges that this course features paid off in the end because I left the class with a better understanding of the computer's role in the modern world.