Sam Martin's "CD Organizer"
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CD Organizer

The purpose of my project is to organize CD's.  The user enters the CD names into the computer, and the computer will alphabetize the CD's and then my project will move the physical CD's into the correct order.

There are two degrees of freedom (motion) in my project.  One axis moves the mechanism forward and back, which is controlled by a stepper motor, a pulley system, and a gantry.  Mounted on the gantry is a printer mechanism which controls the second axis, up and down.

The end effector of my project is a lift, using a fairly large angle bracket mounted to the printer mechanism.  The aluminum bars are mounted onto the angle bracket, giving the effector a fork lift appearance.  On the ends of the bars are pads of rubber (from old ping pong paddles) that allow the lift to keep the CD's from shifting.  The motors are wired to the interface, which converts computer signals to pulses that move the motors.