Kevin Liggan's "Lay-Z-CD"
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The Lay-Z-CD

Tired of those boring and annoying CD-ROMs?  Tired of trying to find the play, stop and skip buttons?  Tired of having to tirelessly switch the CDs in the drive?   Well, the "Lay-Z-CD" is your answer!  It will change those pesky CDs with the click of a button.  This machine will rotate between two CDs of your choice!  It is even smart enough to recognize where those pesky little buttons are located.   This is all done with the accompanying machine and software.

This machine is amazing!  The machine's X-axis moves the gripper and other apparatus forward and back in order to be able to access different CDs and move them to and from the CD player.  The Y-axis moves the gripper side to side so it can move from the CD player to the CD holder.  The Z-axis moves up and down in order to access the different CDs in the holder.   Also, there is the gripper that picks up the CDs.

This machine is made of wood, spare parts, and old printers.  We are talking cheap production resulting in cheap cost.  I know that this machine just keeps sounding more and more enticing...

(Thanks for the "sales pitch," Kevin!)