Jared Knee's  automated "Chutes & Ladders"© Game
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    The project I chose to do was a chutes and ladders game.  "Chutes and Ladders" is a board game that when you roll, you moves that many spaces.  If you land on a ladder, you go up to the indicated space, and if you land on a chute, you go down to the indicated space.  Whoever gets to the 100th space first wins.
    The physical aspect of the project is a rather simple design.  I have two motors moving an electromagnet underneath a transparent board controlling the x- and y-axes.  The electromagnet is activated and pulls a game piece that has a magnet attached to it.
    The programming part of the project is a pain.  Keeping track of where each piece is, and calculating how many pulses to go in the right direction was hard to write.  I needed to learn something called "records" to keep track of all the spaces.
    The making of this project was hard and stressful at times, but very rewarding.