Kxxxxxx M. Sxxxx's "Automated Drill Press"
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Designed By:
Kxxxxxx M. Sxxxx

This machine was designed for the following reasons:
1.  To aid the experienced and beginner craftsman.
2.  To simplify drilling.
3.  To attain accurate drilling.
4.  To drill holes with a high degree of repeatability.

Linear motion is controlled by three stepper motors.
The chuck is key less and can accommodate up to a ? inch drill bit.
A guard protects the operator from foreign material created by the drilling action.
The machine can safely and accurately drill a piece of wood up to 10.5in. x 8in.
Wood is easily and accurately secured by a fully adjustable fence.
The drill is powered by a 110/120 volt AC-DC motor that operates at 25/60 cycles.
The machine is equipped with three limit switches.
The machine uses a threaded screw for the vertical axis with a counter weight assist system.
The other linear axis’s incorporates friction belt drives.
Drawer slides are employed to create friction less movement.

How Does The Machine Work?
The machine is controlled by a program built in the Pascal programming language.
The motors are hooked up to a breadboard.
The program then sends the proper electrical pulses to the breadboard.
The program sends these “pulses” through the serial access port; the modem port.
The pulses in turn direct the motors to function.
The user will be able to enter the dimensions for hole location and depth.
This information is transferred to the drive motors to perform the desired functions.
Pre-programmed functions are provided to enhance the ease of use.

How To Obtain An Automated Drill Press?
The Automated Drill Press is not available on the market; since, this is just a prototype.
Keep an eye out for this power tool in the near future.