Project Complications:

    Or that is how it should have been.  I had been waiting for a letter from Japan on how the wrist motor is wired. I finally got it 4 days before the project was due.  I was forced to cut the arm and redesign it at the last minute with a different motor.
     Then when I had that working the elbow motor gave out.  I once again had to replace it, 3 days before it was due.  Therefore, by the time I had it rebuilt, the deadline was upon me - I hadn't finished.
    Now, to all future CIA members: DON'T WAIT!  Do what needs to be done NOW.  You may think you have lots of time, but they were only 2 of the many problems I had encountered towards the end.
     But do not fret.  You may have to wait a little longer, but "THE ARM" will be finished and CD's will be easier to use - trust me.  I plan to get into class during the summer and finish what needs to be done.  I refuse to let my pride be stripped away when I worked so hard on this for months.  Remember class of 2002, this is the type of determination you need if you wish to finish, GOOD LUCK!!!