Erik Hayes' "Hayzer Graver"

  A) The "Hayzer Graver:"      (view movie  <380k>)
     -initially designed to carve figures onto wood using a rotary engraving tool
     -changed to engraving only letters and periods (for sentences)
     -utilizes 3 motors:
  1. controls vertical movement of rotary tool (in relation to the surface of the wood)
  2. controls y-axis movement of gantry mechanism
  3. controls x-axis movement of gantry mechanism
     (see Mr. Bozz for details of gantry mechanism)
    -program asks for a size of font, 3 dimensions of the wood, and the phrase/sentence
        to be engraved.
    -points of interest:
1. program is over 1500 lines of code and counting
2. some other cool stuff, can't easily describe without a picture

 B) Bio:
     Name:  Erik Hayes
            College Major:  Computer Science
            College:  Drexel University
            Future Plans:  To start own software company (then eventually take out Bill Gates and
                proceed to rule the world!)
            Hobbies:  cars, computers, and other expensive items of interest
            Favorite Teacher:  Bozz (who said brownie points were ever a bad thing?)

    Let me know if you require any more information from me.