Dan Glickman's CD Jukebox
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CD Jukebox

The CD Jukebox is constructed from three printer mechanism, one used for forward movement, one for horizontal movement, and one for vertidal movement.  Those three print mechs are attached to the wooden gantry.  The wooden gantry is attached onto two metal sliders moved by a stepper motor, belt and pulley to enable forward movement.  It uses the electromagnetic ability of a solenoid to operate the gripper/claw that picks up the CD;s which are in two CD containers that can hold up to 25 CDs each, and places the desired CD into the CD-ROM drive and then plays the CD.  All this is only confined to a 16" by 16" sanded, finished and sealed piece of plywood.

How it works:  First, you enter which one of the 25 CDs you would like to listen to.  Then the gantry moves forward and the gripper/claw shuffles through the CDs to pick the one you selected.  Next, the gripper/claw picks up the selected CD and the vertical printer mechanism moves over toward the CD-ROM drive.  The CD-ROM drive tray comes out and the gripper/claw moves down thanks to the vertical printer mech and places the CD into the CD-ROM drive.  After that, the CD-ROM drive with the CD int eh tray closes.  Finally, the media player opens up and you can listen to your music.