Eric Burns' "Saw Mill"
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    This project is a computerized saw mill.  It cuts a variable number of Twixt pieces to a width specified by the user.  This project uses three motors.  One of them was taken out of a sewing machine.  This motor is connected to the saw blade and makes it spin (don't worry . . . safety mechanisms in place).  The other two are stepper motors.  One stepper motor is part of the former printer mechanism which controls the motion of the platform past the blade (the line of motion is parallel to the blade).  The smaller stepper motor (taken from a disk drive) controls the motion of the Twixt block.  This motion is perpendicular to the saw blade.  This controls the width of the Twixt piece.  It's just lots of fun.


 I'm a 19-year old freshman at the Rutgers University College of Engineering.  I think I'm going to major in computer engineering, but I don't know.  I hear we have a good program in Animal Diseases . . . okay, I'm sorry, I know this would be useful if you wanted to be a vet or something, but who wants to tell people that they have a college degree in Animal Diseases?  Oh right, I'm supposed to be talking about myself.  Well, I felt guilty that I stopped taking karate in tenth grade, so I decided to make up for it in college.  I'm taking Kung Fu, Jujitsu, and Aikido . . . so don't mess with me!  One last thing about me, and then I'll let you go:  I'm always sleepy.  I can't seem to go to sleep before 6:00 here.  Well, I'm exaggerating a little . . . but not much.

    Eric Burns