David Drozd's "Connect Four"
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Connect Four

    The rules are simple: Try to build a row of four checker while keeping your opponent from doing the same.  Sounds easy, by it's not.  the vertical strategy creates a unique challenge: you must think in a whole new way to block your opponent's moves.

    This Connect Four game is special, it is controlled by a computer.  That is hooked up to 4 motors and 2 electromagnets.  The computer will move gantry out and lower the arm.  Than the computer will turn on the electromagnet which will pick up a checker.  Next, the are will move up and the gantry will move back to the home position.  Finally, the player tells the computer where they want the checker, than the arm slides to the slot where the checker is to be dropped.  The computer turns off the electromagnet wich drops the checker.  The Checker drops down the funnel in to the slot and than it does it all over again for the next player.  When one player wins a motor on the inside of the box will do one rotation which will move out the connect four grid and drop all the pieces down the ramp.  And than the players are ready for more fun!

Dave Drozd