Brian Callow's "Amazing Automatic CD Burner"
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The Amazing Automatic CD Burner

The purpose of “The Amazing Automatic CD Burner” is to have the ability to create a mass amount of CD’s without having  to load and unload them yourself.  You will have the ability to tell the AACDB how many CD’s you want created, and then just sit back and relax.

The assembly of this project took a long time.  We started with just a plain piece of plywood.  From there, we had to stain, sand, and screw pieces of wood together to form the gantry.  We added rollers to the gantry so that it would be able to slide horizontally across the base.  Then came the “mechs.”  We stripped apart printers to get the pieces we needed to get the project to move.  We needed a motor, belt and pulley system to move the certain pieces the way they needed to go.  After attaching the horizontal mech to the gantry, I attached the vertical mech to that.  After that came the infamous end effector.  This would be the mechanism to pick up the CD, move it to where it needed to go, and then drop it into it’s proper position.  To achieve that I would use the center of a CD jewel case.  This would pick up the CD and then, to release it, I use a U-bold to “snap” it off.  Then I added the dowels for the CD’s to drop into and the CD burner, so that it would “burn” the CD’s.  Finally, we used a breadboard to get the motors running and programmed the project to our specifications.  Ladies and gentlemen, after a long, hard year’s work, I have done it:  I have created “The Amazing Automatic CD Burner!”