Clyde Bucannan's "Fill-O-Matic"
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The "Fill-O-Matic"

    The "Fill-O-Matic" is used to fill old ink cartridges.  All the operator needs to do is tell it how many cartridges they inserted, and they need to insure they have inserted the cartridges properly.

"Fill-O-Matic" has 4 degrees of freedom.  It can move horizontally in 2 directions using a motor belt and pulley, and one with a print mech.  It also moves vertically using a print mech.  Finally, it moves the plunger of a syringe up and down using a modified mech of an old disk drive.  Once told how many cartridges there are to be filled, the "Fill-O-Matic" fills its syringe at the well station.  Then it moves to the first slot, and fills that cartridge.  Then it proceeds back to the well to refill, and continues until all of the cartridges are filled.